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Highland Park Seniors Reflect on College Application Journey

As Decision Day draws near, now is a great time to look back on the process of applying to college. Highland Park’s senior Scholars were asked to reflect on the new information they discovered about both college and themselves throughout their application journeys. The seniors responded to two questions: What did the experience teach you about yourself? What are you most looking forward to about heading off to college next fall? Enjoy their answers, as well as the photos capturing the moment they hit “submit!”

"I learned that there is a lot more to the college process than I thought. I had to push myself. I also learned about how much I can do when I put in more effort and motivation."
—Vanessa Alonso

"I am looking forward to finally becoming the person I want to be."
—Barbara Soriano

"I learned that being self-reflective is important!" —Milo Reynolds

"I don’t need sleep."
—Gustavo Diaz

"I learned that I had to be really organized in order to ke…

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