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Yes! They Went Ape

On Saturday, October 7, Zion-Benton Township Schuler Scholars from a mixture of grade levels and Schuler Scholar Coaches prepared themselves for their Outdoor Exposure at Go Ape Zip Lining and Treetop Adventure. After participating in some basic safety instructional activities, Scholars and staff hooked into their harnesses, connected to trolleys, and climbed into the canopies to start their zip lining and obstacle course experience. The instructors gave participants free range for what they would like to do on the different climbing elements, and encouraged them to challenge themselves. Here are some reflections illustrating various Scholars’ journeys through the treetops and our overall story as a school team on the Exposure.

“When I was on the courses the height made the experience challenging because it made me feel panicked. Being so high off of the ground caused me to struggle with simple tasks like attaching and detaching the equipment, because I felt like I would somehow fall o…

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