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Dear Schuler High School Class of 2017...

Today, we celebrate you and the hard work you have put in over the last four years of high school to get to this point - committing to the college of your choice - where you will begin your academic journey. We couldn't be more proud! We look forward to seeing you on campus and are excited to hear of the many accomplishments you have yet to achieve and the amazing experiences that await you.

With that in mind, here are a few words of wisdom:

"You are not coming to the end, you are simply coming to the beginning of your life and this decision is once in a lifetime. Whatever decision you choose will have been made for a reason so believe in that reason and trust it. You will be great! --Kala Juett, Duke University ‘20, CRSM ‘16

“To the Class of 2017: I wish you all the best of luck! Remember to focus on what's important and turn all of your CAN'Ts into CANs!!” --Tia Martins, Kalamazoo College ‘20, Collins Academy ‘16

“It is a good idea to hang out with and become friend…

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