Thoughts From Abroad | South Africa

North Chicago senior Scholar Jeremias Figueroa had the opportunity to do a summer program in South Africa this past summer. Below is a personal reflection of his six-week experience.

Program : “Experiment in International Living: Leadership Institute | South Africa”

Throughout my six weeks in the Leadership Institute to South Africa I have changed in more ways than what I expected. I engaged with people that have motivated me and continue to motivate me, I learned more about a country that has similar issues as the United States, and I learned more about myself. This program has made me more confident in discussing issues that affect both me and the world regarding peace, politics, and human rights. From the late-night Uber rides in Durban to the dinner conversations with my rural host family, my experience in South Africa has opened my eyes to realize that I am much more privileged than what I previously thought. Through the spontaneous deep conversations I had with my peers, I have learned that there is a need for young people to work hard in order to turn dreams into reality. I am very appreciative of everything the Experiment in International Living has done in terms of bringing a passionate group together and giving us the opportunity to be leaders. I have felt so impacted by the beautiful diversity of our student group and, as a result, this program has given me an opportunity to be more comfortable in my own skin. South Africa is a perfect location to learn about peace, politics, and human rights due to its interesting history. My summer of 2017 with the Leadership Institute is one I will always remember!


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