Welcome to the Schuler Scholar Program's blog.

Launched in 2001 by Jack Schuler and daughter, Tanya Schuler Sharman, the Schuler Scholar Program (SSP) was originally conceived as a vehicle for the Schuler Family Foundation to provide college scholarship assistance to bright, motivated high school students in order for them to matriculate to selective, private colleges and universities.

The Schuler Scholar Program (SSP) prepares under-resourced, high potential students to succeed at the most competitive private colleges and universities.  Schuler Scholars are typically first-generation college-bound, come from under-resourced families or communities and will need financial assistance in order to attend college. Many Scholars are from a population that is under represented on college campuses.

We believe that if high achieving but potentially vulnerable students have access to academic and enrichment programs while in high school, are well-informed of college options, receive support from family, friends, teachers and mentors, are motivated, and secure financial assistance, they will be successful in obtaining a college degree.

The goal of this blog is to provide a forum to discuss a variety of topics in public education and college access. We hope to share our student's stories as well as offer insights into a variety of issues that touch the communities we serve, particularly in the area of college access. Overall, we want to be part of the larger conversation about public education in the United States. We think we have something to offer the discussion. To learn more about our program visit www.schulerprogram.org.

Thanks for joining us.


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