Aren't You Glad You Started Your Common Application in August?

By Robert W. Andrews
Each fall, the Schuler Scholar Program invites seniors to officially "hit submit" together. All our Scholars start their Common Application in August during an "Application Boot Camp" program. They start their applications together and then share in their collective success, by hitting submit as a group.

Most of our Scholars are a part of the first generation in their family to apply to college, so the act of clicking the button is a huge milestone. For the last few years, these communal events help remove the competitiveness and hysteria that so often accompanies the college process. We take a moment and cheer each other on. Tears, hugs and high fives from friends remind students this seemingly individual process is also about the future of our community. We celebrate our seniors as our future. Congratulations.

 Warren Township High School Class of 2013

Hopefully these ED/EA applications will yield good results next month.


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