All-Schuler Celebration 2012

On Saturday, December 1st, Maine East High School hosted the annual All-Schuler Celebration. Over 300 of our students and staff attended, taking advantage of the opportunity to meet and mingle with Schuler friends from across our eight partner high schools. Planned by AmeriCorps Scholar Coaches Bes Kelati (RLHS) and Erika Blauth (HPHS), the event was a wonderful chance for high school scholars to reunite with old friends and make new ones while enjoying homemade food, karaoke, and dancing. Hats off to the amazing scholars who have made 2012 another year to celebrate!
schuler scholar program all-schuler celebration
Scholars contributed homemade dishes for a delicious meal featuring foods from around the world.

schuler scholars highland park all-schuler celebration
Highland Park High School scholars take a break from dancing to capture a moment with friends.

schuler scholar program all-schuler celebration
From glowsticks to "Gangnam Style", Warren Township High School scholars had a great time on the dance floor.


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