A Reason to Celebrate

A senior Scholar celebrates after hitting submit on his college application
with Lisa Dufault, Schuler College Counselor at Waukegan High School

The new year always brings exciting news and changes. As 2013 begins, we are thrilled to announce that 26 of our senior Scholars have been admitted to college thus far. Next fall, Scholars will be headed to the following colleges and universities:

Amherst College

Bates College

Colorado College

Connecticut College (3)

Dartmouth College (2)

Grinnell College

Harvard University

Lafayette College

Middlebury College

Occidental College

University of Pennsylvania

Pitzer College (2)

Pomona College

Smith College (3)

Tufts University

Wellesley College

Wesleyan University (2)

Williams College

Yale University

Seniors celebrate at their November 1st Hit Submit party
with Lisa Dufault and Demisha Lee, Director of College Counseling
As the spring semester continues, we look forward to hearing more news about college admissions decisions and sharing our seniors' excitement as they make big decisions for 2013. Congratulations, Scholars!


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    1. Thanks! It sounds like you'll have some Scholars joining you on campus next year!


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