Happy AmeriCorps Week 2013!

From March 9-17, 2013, the Schuler Scholar Program is joining organizations across the nation who are recognizing the commitment of AmeriCorps members and alums. Since the first class of AmeriCorps members in 1994, volunteers have served over one billion hours in programs that strengthen our nation. From VISTA to NCCC to State and National programs, AmeriCorps connects dedicated individuals with opportunities to enrich communities through education, affordable housing, environmental initiatives, after-school programs, and many other initiatives.

AmeriCorps volunteers who serve with Schuler are recent college graduates with a passion for education and social justice. These young men and women join us as Scholar Coaches, serving as tutors and mentors for highly motivated students in one of our eight partner high schools. To celebrate AmeriCorps Week 2013, we asked Scholar Coaches to tell us why they chose AmeriCorps and how their service has impacted the community. Here are some of their thoughts:

Geoff Wright, First Year Scholar Coach at North Chicago Community High School

I am an AmeriCorps member because...Coming out of college, I felt a deep sense of gratitude toward those that helped me to reach my goals. I simply wanted to pay back those who served before me while, at the same time, helping young men and women to succeed in college and in life.

Alyssa McNamara, Second Year Math Scholar Coach at Highland Park High School

How do you feel your service has impacted the community?
In helping students achieve their academic goals, I have also helped them realize that they can have higher expectations of themselves in all areas of life.  

Najma Osman, First Year Scholar Coach at Waukegan High School

I am an AmeriCorps volunteer because…I value community and hope to dedicate my life to social activism and service. In high school, I was deeply impacted and inspired by the work of AmeriCorps volunteers that helped me navigate the college admissions process. In college, I spent countless hours reading about the injustices of the world and learning about the critical importance of doing work that aligns with my personal ideology. Therefore, I believe that working for the Schuler Scholar Program as an AmeriCorps volunteer has allowed me to make my small individual contribution to help eradicate greater social issues.

Minnie Nguyen, Second Year Scholar Coach at Waukegan High School

How do you feel your service has impacted the community?
By modeling optimism and enthusiasm for education, social justice, and diversity, I hope that my scholars come to better understand that intellectual curiosity, cultural competency, and individuality are all wonderful assets to possess. Through my every day encounters with the scholars, I hope to inspire them to not only shoot for the stars, but to also periodically reflect upon their journey, self-identity, and successes thus far. My dream is to nourish the next generation of “agents of change:” a group of highly motivated, determined, and empowered youths, who have goals and aspirations to change their communities and ultimately, the world, for the better.

Devin Daugherty, Second Year Scholar Coach at Warren Township High School (pictured)
I am an AmeriCorps member because...I believe that children deserve to be excited and inspired by the people around them and I strive to be one of those people.

Are you a college senior interested in a life-changing service experience after graduation? To learn more about our AmeriCorps Scholar Coach and Math Scholar Coach positions, check out the following resources:


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