The Beauty of Being Different

In October, CRSM Schuler Scholars attended a production of the play How We Got On at Citadel Theatre. How We Got On follows the story of three high school students in the Midwestern suburbs, or the Hill, during hip hop’s explosion onto the mainstream scene. From writer’s block to family tension, the characters persevere through various challenges, including societal pressure to fit into the boundaries of their image.

Freshman Scholar Atzallali Saucedo-Ruiz offers her reflection on the characters as well as personal connections to the overall messages of the play:

My favorite characters were the Selector and Luann. The Selector was the narrator of the play, and she engaged the audience by explaining historical facts about hip hop in a fun manner. Another unique character was Luann, who faced gender stereotypes that prevented her from following her dream of being a hip hop performer. For Luann, creating hip hop music with male performers liberated her from female stereotypes in hip hop that she faced from others, especially her parents. With determination, Luann and the other characters created hip hop music that allowed them to express themselves.  By listening to their music, people could understand that hip hop could be created anywhere and by anyone.

How We Got On is an inspirational play that shows how an individual should not be limited by stereotypes. As a Latina, a minority that is underrepresented in higher education, I was able to connect this message with my goal to overcome stereotypes that affect my race and gender. This play presented me with the message not to let others determine your future, but to make important choices for yourself. As a Schuler Scholar, I made the choice to prioritize my plan to go to college without letting anyone else determine that choice for me.


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