From Zzz’s to A’s: The WTHS Schuler Sleep Challenge

by Vanna Figueroa, Warren Township High School, Class of 2017

Vanna celebrating the sleep challenge in front of the 2017 Scholars' bulletin board
What differentiates studying from over-studying? We are all aware of the experiences of a typical high school student – filled with stress and exhaustion from studying for that upcoming test, or maybe re-writing that one particular history essay. Incidentally, we recently discovered the true extent of how students handle their work, here in the Warren Township High School campus. We have recently realized that many students have not been getting the necessary amount of sleep (even failing to exceed six hours per night!). I admit that even I had my nights of staying up extremely late, struggling to get work done, nonetheless, if this situation ensues every night to most of the students – then we definitely have a problem.

Thankfully, the Schuler Program made an effort to direct Scholars towards a healthier lifestyle. A sleep chart (specially made for each class of Scholars) was created to ensure that students would not overexert themselves during the weeks leading up to one of the most stressful times in the school year – final exams. Individual prizes were given to Scholars, provided that they successfully obtained the required amount of sleep (at least six hours a night). Subsequently, an even bigger prize would be given as well if all the Scholars managed to reach this goal. The Scholar Coaches volunteered to dress in frilly aprons, which we found an amusing incentive (due to the family-like bond we have formed throughout the past few months spent together).

Eventually, the deadline for the chart had arrived. Numerous Scholars were able to receive the individual prizes; sadly, not every person was able to reach the goal. Despite this, the sleep chart still, undoubtedly, caused a major positive effect on Scholar sleeping hours. Most students were able to find more time to rest as a result of the motivation given by their Scholar Coaches and peers. I, personally, considered this goal an essential mission once it was explained to us. I am certainly sure that many other scholars saw it that way as well, and perhaps this is yet another positive side to being a Scholar – perceiving simple challenges as vital quests, and fulfilling these pursuits with a willing passion; a passion to strive and become your personal best. 


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