Reflections from a College Scholar

by Daniel Santoyo, Highland Park High School ’12, University of Rochester ‘16
Danny returned to Highland Park HS to visit his friends at the Schuler Program over break.
As I reflect back on my high school experience, I realize now that I learned so many things I wish I would have valued more while I was in high school. Among the many lessons high school taught me, the importance of family, the importance of academic resources, and the importance of mistakes are the most significant. In high school, many things are taken for granted. Some students do not really understand the concept of family and cannot wait to go to college and gain freedom from their families. More often than not, once that freedom is given to us, we seem to not want it anymore.

For a Schuler Scholar, unity, expectations, respect, and commitment are highly stressed. Learn to love your family every day because in college, you will miss their presence. Learn to appreciate the great things that your family does for you because in college, you won’t have them around to support you every day. Most importantly, never be afraid to hold your family’s hands when you fail or succeed because in college, you will need them.

However, to me, becoming successful takes more than just family; it takes the pursuit of a selective higher education. Schuler Scholars are privileged to have a second family: the Schuler family, where you are taught and expected to use your resources. Take advantage of the exceptional resources that Schuler has to offer because not every student has those opportunities. Be thankful and learn to appreciate everything that your high school and the Schuler family has to offer you.

While it is hard to do, do not be afraid to take chances because of the fear of failure. Failure is the best lesson that could happen to any human being. Learning from your mistakes and demonstrating growth through your actions is important.  As Wayne Gretsky once said, “You miss one hundred percent of the shots you do not take.”

The best advice I can give to my fellow Schuler classmates is never forget where you come from. Always keep in mind all of the hard work that was invested in you by your parents, the Schuler family, and other people in your lives. Be humble, and appreciate all of the opportunities you are granted.


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