Reading Coaching: Pro-Tips from Scholars

By Kerry Kennedy (2nd year SC) and WTHS Scholars

Warren Scholars have officially been in school for a month! This means that REP has also been in full swing for a month. Before starting novels, our Scholar Coaches and Scholars have been working on “get to know you” activities, as well as establishing expectations and goals for the year.  Since we have so many Scholars new to reading coaching, we’re excited to share a few tips from the veterans. Sophomores who have been in Schuler for a year recently shared their dos and don’ts of reading coaching with coaches: all incoming Scholars take heed!

On Discussions:
  • “Don’t stay quiet…it will be awkward.” –Jose Maldonado ‘19
  • “Spill out your thoughts without inhibition. Lose the fear of being wrong or different.” –Michael Osuji ‘19
  • “Try to stay comfortable when having a discussion--if you don't exactly like the topic, change it.” –Angie Deleon ‘19
  • “Don't be afraid of not being able to do everything or not understanding something.” –Tinyah Ervin ‘19
On Workload
  • “Be honest if you did [or didn’t do] your REP homework.” –Grisel Cornejo ‘19
  • “Take your time journaling. If you finish before the time ends, keep jotting down ideas.” –Rafael Rodriguez ‘19
  • “You should be confident in your REP assignments since there is no right or wrong answer.” –RJ Mangaran ‘19
  • “Ask yourself questions while reading a text.” –Bri Dominguez-Barnes ‘19
On Coach-Scholar Relationships:
  • “Develop a good connection with your coach, it will help personalize the experience!” –Lizy Ochoa ‘19
  • “Be honest when your coach asks how school is going! If you're stressed, the coaches will help you with strategies.” –Erika Jimenez ‘19
  • “Establish a relationship with your coach, don't be too formal, and it will be more fun!” –Hannia Sanchez-Alvarado ‘19


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