Hispanic Heritage Month: What Latino Means to Me

By Brenda Uribe, 2nd year SC at NCCHS

Hispanic Heritage Month is celebrated from September 15 – October 15. In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month North Chicago Scholars participated in a photo campaign where they shared what it means to be Latino/Latina. Here are a few of their responses. 

In addition, North Chicago Scholars are profiling members of the Latino community that work in the art and STEM field in order to raise awareness about Hispanic Heritage Month. Scholars are also participating in lunch discussions that focus on the importance of community and important political leaders. North Chicago is also streaming the documentary, Precious Knowledge, which focuses on the ban of Latino studies in Arizona. 

            Carlos Gomez, '20

              Hugo Rebollar '20

              Jose Tenorio '17

              Manuel Flores '20

              Marco Arteaga '17

              Neisy Rodriguez '20

                                                  Oliver Barrera '18


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