RLHS Scholars Reflect on Jack Schuler's Visit

By Megan Thompson, 2nd year SC at Round Lake High School

Recently, Jack Schuler sat down with all the new Scholars at Round Lake High School to tell them a little about who he is and offer some advice for their futures. Below are some of the reflections of Scholars who were present to meet with him:

“After meeting Jack Schuler and hearing why he wanted to start the Schuler Scholar Program, I realized that I can do whatever I put my mind to with the help of Schuler.”
-Ashley Rodriguez

“I thought it was really interesting how he said you need to try in order to get where you want to be, and you need to understand what will happen if you succeed--why you're trying in the first place. You shouldn't be making a new decision every day to try; you should decide just once that you want to focus on learning above everything else and stick to it.”
-Marcos Cadena

“The meeting with Jack Schuler today was eye opening. It made me realize that I can do anything as long as I work hard and have persistence.”
-Cheyenne Vleck Domoleczny

“Jack Schuler was a pleasant man to converse with. I enjoyed when he talked about his past life experiences. I liked a story he told about a girl in Schuler who became a doctor, and it really inspired me for the future.
-Jayda Delatorre

“The meeting with Jack Schuler was inspirational. It made me think more about who I want to be. It made me realize that it's a privilege to be working with this program and that I'm proud to be a part of the program. Throughout today, I kept asking myself "Can I actually make it?" and I kept thinking about when he had told us about the doctor who had many struggles, but wouldn't give up. I can't relate to what Jack Schuler was describing about her struggles, but I can relate to her persistence and her drive. Another thing that I resonated with was when Jack Schuler talked about believing in the coaches, others and myself. I haven't put much thought into what the coaches can help me accomplish, but now that I have it inspired me to be resourceful and to be more willing to push myself further. At the end of today, I can conclude that I can and will do my absolute best to become the best Scholar I can be no matter what obstacles I have to overcome.”
-Osbaldo Ozuna

“In my opinion, I think Jack Schuler is a real nice guy. Also what he said that stood out to me was that it's going to be rough, and I believe him that it will be. But I'm fully prepared for the challenge.”
-Jonathan Cermeno

“Mr. Schuler's meeting helped me realize why the Schuler program does a lot of the things it does, like selecting the best schools in the nation. In addition, Mr. Schuler's story about almost failing the 8th grade inspired me to accept failure as well trying to avoid so by trying my hardest even if I feel if that "the world is against me".”
-Christopher Ortiz

“Mr. Jack Schuler truly inspired me to perceive and to try my absolute best. Mr. Schuler's story was inspiring and very motivational. With Mr. Schuler's visit I was very moved to not give up and make it my goal to succeed.”
-Juanita Silva


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