Fall Roundup: Scholar Creative Writing

Throughout high school, Scholars have many opportunities to write creatively. In weekly REP sessions, Scholars use books, short stories, poems, and plays to prompt their writing. We're proud to share a small sample of our Scholars' create writing. Enjoy these two poems and a short stories!

by LJ Eslit, GWCP '20
Inspired by "Non Stop" and the beat from "Broccoli"

Hey, how you doin you can call me Mr. Islit
First name 2 letter, yet they never get it right.
I was born in a city, you can call it Dapitan.
A lot of my time is spent working in the night.
I remember the old days, they were never that much fun
All my parents want is to get me through my life
Little do the know I’m not sure where I’m headed
I’m not trying to go rush things got much things up ahead
I just wanna take things slow and get things my way
Yet I got 10 people tryna tell me what to do.

In the middle of 9th grade, already struggling
I do not want to fail it’s for my future
Never got so tired it’s cuz of homework

Voices in my head sayin to graduate


The Imaginary
By Angel Penate, WHS ‘20
Inspired by No one belongs here more than you., collection of short stories by Miranda July 

I thought you cared. I let you in when no one else was listening. Everyone else neglected me. But you were different. You seemed so different. The way your eyes sparkle and the green apple scent from your hair. You knew I loved green apples. You started buying new green apple fragrant conditioner because you knew I loved the smell. That’s what you told me. You knew everything. You knew exactly how I laughed, smiled, and sounded. You knew my emotional patterns and how my mood changed since I was a bipolar child. I remember that every secret I had was also yours to keep. Don’t you remember? Yours to keep, I said that very specifically. You were always a good listener. You listened when I went on that 3 hour rant about how my mom took away my crayons and told me to stop talking to myself, when clearly I was talking to you. You listened to everything I had to say. When I kept telling you about that new Mortal Kombat game and how it got cancelled for 6th generation consoles and how upset I was. So why did you stop? Why did you stop listening? I mean you always cared enough to listen, right? Wait, did you? I don’t know how to feel. Sadness, Anger, Fear… what emotion is this? You know… we’ve talked for so long I
actually started to think that we could’ve been best friends. No. Nevermind. You were too good. You said it yourself. You always seemed too good to be true. Its better off that you stay away. I don’t know how to feel right now. But it's common for some people to believe that it's just a phase. ButI knew damn well you were too good to be a phase. You were a part of my life. And now you’re gone. I honestly hope you’re doing well. I forgot I'm still in the stage of denial. They said grieving is a 5 stage process. But with you gone I don't think I'll ever recover. I miss you. I can't stand the fact that you’re in a better place now. The best place you could be is here, with me, but you're gone. And you aren't coming back. Goodbye my dearest and only friend. They say you weren’t real but you will always be in my heart.


Dear Kil-Jada-Renee-Patrick
by Jada Renee Kilpatrick, NCCHS ’19
Inspired by Hamilton: An American MusicalScholars created their own stories in forms of poems 

(Glenda) Born and raised in Chicago, a city that many people die foe.
(Jaylen) Moved from city to city, year after year; couldn’t really find friends so dear.
(Sherese) Didn’t used to be the smartest berry in the bunch, but never had cavities;
always a nice healthy lunch.

(Sheila) Got older and started to bloom, soon ended the childhood of doom.
(Jada) Started to love school, had a love for learning, I knew if I kept going down this road my future could really be something.
(Glenda) You're not gonna stop trying even if your life is aching; you’ll stop breathing before you think you aint gone make it.
(Jada) I'm just a girl, 16, trying to make it in this hard world or so it seems.
(Jaylen) You have to say to yourself, “I’ll never give up even if I become scared and start to hiccup.”

(Sherese) There are many obstacles in life but you have to learn to overcome them, make every moment bright, not dim.
(Sheila) I'm not saying focus only on the books and not live your life, but make good decisions and good choices, make sure their right.
(Jaylen) Don't let a distraction be boys, at your age your nothing to them but toys.
(Glenda) Bright, outgoing, smart, intellectual, and articulate are all things they call you, But do you believe that to be true?
(Pluck) Find your own voice, know what and who you are, knowing and loving yourself will truly get you really far.
(Honey) Remember where you came from and don't ever forget it, because when you're grown and all alone trust me you’ll miss it.
(Jaylen) Appreciate the small things in life, they’re very important; never EVER let the phrase come out your mouth that you can't.

(Glenda) ….And Jada Renee don't ever put yourself between a Kilpatrick.


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