Thank you, Mentors!

January is Mentor Appreciation Month and today Schuler Scholars are celebrating their mentors and saying thanks!

Before Senior Scholars graduate from High School, they are each assigned a College Connections Coach, a mentor to help support them through their transition to college. Through events like the Mentor Brunch and Amazing Race, Scholars and their mentors have opportunities to connect over the summer before going off to college.

Here is what some of our Scholars had to say about their mentors:

Carolyn and her mentor Lindsay.
"I want to thank Lindsay for all of her time, especially the long talks about Econ 101 and how she could relate to the pressure of the class. I also want to thank her for her dedication to staying in touch even when my cell broke. Simply just want to thank you for being the person to vent to when my schedule got crazy and also being the person to applaud me when things went well. P.S. Thanks for the goody box, my mentor is the best!" - Carolyn Coulter, Kalamazoo College '20, Collins Academy '16

"My mentor is Mary and she is amazing! She has been a resource with my post-graduate plans (medical school) and my transition to college - it means so much to me to have a resource in the medical field. I am glad I can ask her about her undergraduate path and how it may differ from mine. She also sends me cute care packages for every holiday (Halloween, Valentine’s Day, etc). I could not have asked for a better mentor and I appreciate her and her family’s endless kindness!" Chloe Ortega, Lafayette College '19, Warren Township High School '15

"The phone calls [my mentor and I] shared at the beginning of the first semester really helped me mentally since I really don’t like to brag and it was the only space which required talking about self-accomplishments. Thank you for boosting my ego!" Alexander Olvera, Wesleyan University '20, North Chicago Community High School '16

"My mentor, Supriya, has helped me with my transition to college. She has told me about her own experiences at college, which has helped me better manage my time and become more involved. Whenever she calls me I tell her about any struggles I'm facing and she gives me advice on how to get out of them and how to better prepare for future ones. A cool fact about Supriya is that she has traveled to Peru and seen the Machu Picchu." Riya Parikh, Gettysburg College '20, Maine East High School '16

Kerr and his mentor Ronnie.
"I was surprised at the seemingly seamless relationship my mentor and I have had. One of my initial fears prior to receiving a mentor was that this system simply masked itself as a check up made informal through the use of outside mentors. However, to my relief my relationship with my mentor turned out to be a great one, and I had a passing familiarity with him before. Schuler managed to make a really good match in my case, but I was relieved and overjoyed that the mentor I received genuinely cared about me, my well being, and my transition to college, showcased by our distinctive long discussions as well as common realizations that we have drifted slightly off topic due to our wish to connect at a deeper level." Kerr Patrick Braza, Colgate University '20, Warren Township High School '16

"Having a mentor is like having a cheerleader/advisor/coach. I was surprised to find how helpful it was to have a supportive mentor and how often I sought her help. The best part of having a mentor is enjoying another friend, who is guiding and influencing me on my path to success as a first generation student. My mentor played a big role in my transition to college, whether it was asking a simple question like what should I bring to college? Or asking a more complicated question like should I continue to pursue this major or minor? A cool fact about my mentor is she has lived in four different continents." Jessica Ilc, Macalester College '19, Maine East High School '15

"The conversations I had with my mentor were helpful for me to truly reflect and think about how my college transition has been going. It gave me a good 30 minutes or so to just sit and talk with someone about my college experience, and I think it was a good way to debrief and see where I was doing well but also some aspects where I wanted to improve." - Han Ju Seo, Washington University in St. Louis '20, Warren Township High School '16

"I did not know what to expect when I knew I was going to have a mentor. Then, I found out my mentor was going to be my previous Scholar Coach, Ellen! Right away, I felt comfortable sharing my concerns, stories, and adventures with her. It surprised me when Ellen offered to come to campus so that we could have coffee. I realized I am very lucky to have my mentor so close to me, geographically. I appreciate the fact that Ellen checks up on me and I can catch her up on things through text/phone calls. I find myself reaching out to her in my most stressful moments and seeking her advice. As a first-generation college student, having someone who has gone through the experience at the same college as me makes me feel at ease." Cristina Martin, Macalester College '20, Collins Academy '16

Mentors and Scholars at the Mentor Brunch 2016.
"The long-lasting relationship that formed between my mentor and I was definitely the biggest surprise. I am almost half way done with my undergraduate career and my mentor and I still keep in contact. We have met for dinner in the past and continue to communicate to this day, and I am so incredibly grateful. I've enjoyed my conversations with my mentor more than anything. Life moves so quickly that it's easy to forget all the good things that occur over time. Our conversations have served as a way of slowing down and remembering the good things that get lost along the way." Anissa Garza, Bates College '19, Cristo Rey St. Martin '15

"I met Susie in the year 2009 almost 7 years ago! Thank you Susie for keeping in contact and proving advice when I ask for it. I am very happy to have gained not only a mentor but a friend throughout these years." Yarisamar Cortez, Bates College '17, Highland Park High School '13

I appreciate having Erin as my College Connections Coach because I can trust her opinion and we have built a strong relationship. What has surprised me about having a mentor is how similar we both are. Besides having a similar interest in business, we both like to travel, live in a different state from our family, and love dogs. What I have enjoyed most about having a mentor is hearing a familiar voice when I am at college. I can ask for a second opinion from Erin and I know she will sincerely tell me the truth. Furthermore, Erin has helped me transition into college by telling me her first-year experience and what she would have done differently. I listened to her and instantly joined clubs once I arrived on campus. I instantly felt integrated into the community and made a lot of friends. Overall, my mentor has been like a second parent and friend who has helped me transition into college." Evelyn Torres, Lycoming College '20, Round Lake High School '16


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