Getting Things Done #AmeriCorpsWeek

Every year the Schuler Scholar Program recruits recent college graduates to serve as AmeriCorps members in Schuler partnership high schools. The members, called Scholar Coaches (SCs), provide one-on-one support to Schuler Scholars and deliver a wide range of programs throughout the year. They are integral to the implementation of the program and gain valuable experience that enhances and furthers their professional development.

In addition, Scholar Coaches give back to their communities throughout the year, truly embracing what it means to be an AmeriCorps service member. Read on to hear from a few of our Scholar Coaches and look at a few pictures from recent service projects:

"I chose to serve and become an AmeriCorps Scholar Coach to give back to the Schuler Scholar Program for helping me achieve my dream of being the first in my family to attend and graduate college! I was a Schuler Scholar in high school and with their help I graduated from Denison University. I knew I wanted to give back and support passionate students interested in learning and attending college because I was once them. I am proud and happy with the decision I made because I have made meaningful connections with students by learning about their stories, have been able to share my love for reading, have explored Chicago and attended plays, symphonies, and musicals like Hamilton! Above all, as a AmeriCorps Scholar Coach I have grown a deep appreciation for giving back to the community." Brenda Uribe

"One thing I love about being a STEM Scholar Coach is being able to foster and witness “a-ha moments” with Scholars. I have a Scholar that was really struggling with a concept in her PreCalculus course and after many practice problems and conceptual discussions, she took her test. When she got the test back, she emailed me with a picture and telling me how excited she was! I decided to work in college access because I want to be part of the support for students who deserve to be at these colleges but don’t have the array of tools handed to them." Abby Sagher

"I decided to become an AmeriCorps member at the Schuler Scholar Program because I believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to go to college. Every day I get to laugh with, learn with and support my Scholars, which has brought a new meaning to the word “service” for me. I  get to see my Scholars growing as individuals, but I never thought I would grow just as much as them." Gwenna Ihrie

Scholar Coaches from Zion Benton Township High School, North Chicago Community High School and Mundelein High School volunteered at Bernie's Book Bank in Lake Forest, IL:

Scholar Coaches at Lindblom Math and Science Academy spent their day giving back to their community by picking up trash in and around the school:


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