Q&A with College Scholar Cristina Martin, Macalester College ’20, RLHS ’16

What has surprised you the most about college life?

The first thing that surprised me the most about college is the fact that my roommate and I got along really well from the get go. This surprised me because during one Transition to College STEP, my peers and I discussed that the word “roommate” does not always equal “best friend,” I’m very lucky to say that for me it does! On a different note, I had always imagined professors to be unapproachable, old, and grouchy, so I was surprised at how caring, understanding, and approachable professors are here at Macalester.

This is me at an apple farm/corn maze in the suburbs of St. Paul. Very fun.

What has been your favorite class you've taken so far, and why?

My favorite class so far has been “Novel: On Beauty,” an English course with Professor Amy Elkins. I was terrified of taking this course because I was one of two first-years in the class. Nonetheless, I enjoyed analyzing the the role of beauty in novels such as Jane Austen’s Northanger Abbey and Zadie Smith’s On Beauty. My favorite part of the class was getting to design a book cover for Northanger Abbey. This semester, I am looking forward to taking Professor Elkin’s 20th Century British Literature and Visual Culture class.

What is your favorite club or organization you've gotten involved with, and why?

This semester I am very excited to be a tour guide, but my favorite organization is Adelante, the Latinx org on campus. In the fall semester, we had a cookout to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month and a March of Independence to commemorate the Latinx lives that have been lost due to war, oppression, hate-crimes, and more. Aside from this, we discuss issues of education in Latinx communities, racial and ethnic minority admissions at Macalester, immigration, the DREAM Act, and what it’s like to be a Latinx student here at Macalester.

This is me at the March of Independence Holding the Nicaraguan flag. (Note: my Schuler lanyard)

What is the biggest piece of advice you would offer to future College Scholars?

My biggest piece of advice to future college students is, do not worry. I know I did and I know it is hard not to. You’re going to end up where you belong and if you don’t, it is okay because Schuler will always be there to help! Also, trust [your Schuler staff]. They gave me the best support and advice I could have ever asked for. Choosing a college was difficult, but I am completely convinced that Macalester is where I am meant to be.

What are some of the most notable ways that Schuler helped prepare you for college life?

I cannot stress enough how important Transition to College STEP is. We talked about how to be an ally to the LGBTQ+ community, how to navigate culture shock, how to use resources on campus, what it’s like to live away from home, and so much more. I still think back to these discussions and they still affect how I make decisions to this day. I also think simple conversations with [my Schuler College Counselor and Educational Counselor] helped me to not be afraid of leaving home and to be an active student on my college campus.

My friends and I at Macalester’s Janet Wallace Fine Arts Center after the annual Winter Ball.


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