Scholars Celebrate Black History Month

At North Chicago Community High School
Scholars took part in a photo campaign and wrote poetry, sharing what being Black means to them:

Black Excellence 
By Anahi Alcoser Bravo ’19 and Daisy Rojas ’19

February is the month for Black History Recognition
Learning about black activists is our mission
Through revolts and rebellions
Through media and poetry,
They used these mediums to speak their minds vocally

Martin Luther King had a dream
Having equal rights was the theme
Equality for all races was his game
He didn’t care about the fame
Unfortunately many people back then were blind
He got shot for speaking his mind

Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat
When she was arrested didn’t face defeat
This caused a city-wide boycott
And made segregation on public buses rot

Malcolm X is up next
He advocated for civil rights
Never backed down from a fight
His words improved our nation
Sadly he was betrayed by his old organization

Shonda Rhimes a big success in the entertainment industry
You will find her shows on ABC
Her writing can make you cry
Especially when she makes your favorite character die
She received a NAACP award
She has goals to move toward

There’re many victims of racial violence that have connections
All of these outcomes had better corrections
Racism has caused many people’s lives
Emmett Till was accused of flirting with a white female
At least that’s how the woman describes the tale
He was beaten to death by two white men
Having to feel pain again and again
Till was shot in the head and thrown in the river
Looking at his face at the end makes us shiver

Trayvon Martin was shot by a neighborhood watch member
This moment of time will always be remembered
The shooter was acquitted and caused lots of protests for justice
Having the man free from the crime made people feel disgusted

Activists want to make a change
For the world to be rearranged
For the victims who were killed for being misunderstood
Even if they were good
Still there are victims against black prejudice today
But we could make this prejudice go away

Black excellence is everywhere
We could see it in their art they make with all their heart
They inspire people to take a stand
To be able to live in peace in our land
To make it a better place
No matter the race


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