Scholars Celebrate Black History Month

At Cristo Rey St. Martin College Prep
Scholars went on a mini-exposure to Marcus Gurnee Cinema to watch the film Hidden Figures to celebrate Black History Month and promote STEM positivity. After the movie, Scholars read the prologue to the book while enjoying some Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt. After spending some time discussing reactions and making comments about the movie and the prologue, Scholars were asked to reflect on what they had seen and read:
“I loved Hidden Figures for many reasons, including the cast and the videography, but mostly for the strong portrayal of women of color. In a world that has for so long been built for wealthy white males, where P.O.C. so often are torn down and written off as lazy and lacking potential, it's encouraging to see a movie that can give the colored youth positive role models to look up to. Even though I don't identify with the minority represented in the film, I truly see the success of any minority as the success of all minorities. I also loved how empowered the females leads were because that is also something that I believe America fails to show its adolescence. Overall, the film was truly inspiring and positively emotion provoking.”
– Julissa ‘18

“My experience watching this movie was one that opened my eyes a little more. It showed me that a lot of the outcasts that did things that they weren't recognized for. If it weren't for them they wouldn't have a man up on the moon or a man around the orbit. The Prologue that we read afterward also was really fun to read mainly because we saw what these women did, in fact, that they were never recognized for their credit that was taken by others. It was astonishing to see what these women did in a 2-hour 7-minute movie.” – Anamaria ‘20
“Hidden Figures was an influential movie that taught me that minorities have the possibility of reaching for the stars. With the racism and segregation at the time, Mary, Catherine, and Dorothy were able to defy any challenge in their way to contribute to a white male being sent to space. This male was renowned as a national hero, while the American population has no actual information of who took him to the stars. It was very emotional and captivating seeing each of their stories as they always saw a day filled with disbelief. Now more than ever, Hidden Figures was the movie to help see in times of crisis (the divided states of America) that minorities or criminals are able to do whatever their minds come to. There are no limitations other than the ones you set on yourself either for your background or the color of your skin. It is amazing watching three black females prevailing in history and showing that their ancestors were limited with their potential for success.” – Jose ‘18
“I personally think that the movie and prologue of the book "Hidden Figures" are extremely inspiring. I am someone who believes in equality and standing up for what they believe in and this movie really focused on that. I think these women are great role models because they show that you can achieve anything no matter who you are. They show that if you really want to make a change in the world to be able to follow your dreams then it is possible as long as you fight for it. Overall, this movie can inspire us to reach for our goals but it can also show us the great impact that these African-American women had on our country when many people underestimated them. They were able to prove many people wrong with all the effort they put in and they can show that anyone is capable of anything, no matter whom you are or where you come from.” – Yisel ‘19
“I really liked the movie because it helped me have a different kind of concept for math. I never really thought what career you can pursue with a degree in math. Also, it was great to see the main characters of the movie really push and try to exceed the most they could to be able to accomplish their dream. I also liked that the movie recognized these women. I think it is important to recognize people who have made an impact in our society because they made a difference in our world.” – Natalia ‘20
“At first, I just wanted to do this mini-expose because it was a free movie but after seeing it, it easily became one of my favorites. Hidden Figures represented the power of the woman in our society. Katherine Johnson accomplishments impacted me in a personal way. I not only felt proud of her but I also felt empowered to continue her legacy. In conclusion, the movie encouraged me to not be afraid of trying new things in a new environment with new people. Who knows? Maybe one day I'll be the first woman to do something else.” – Yesenia ‘20
“I really liked the movie because it talked about racism and showed the discrimination that these women suffered. This was a very inspiring movie because it showed how they started off like all the other African American children and ended up doing the very important groundwork for NASA. I think that this movie was a way to honor these three very intelligent women. The movie showed how important Katherine was because they needed someone who was skilled at geometry in order to solve the problem that NASA needed. Without Katherine Goble's help, NASA would've taken longer to figure out the math. This movie was really eye-opening showing you that nothing is impossible and that you have to stay optimistic, keep trying, and never give up.” – Jocelyn ‘20
“I liked that Hidden Figures shined light on the issue of racism and gender roles because they are still incredibly relevant today. All three women, Katherine G Johnson, Dorothy Vaughan, and Mary Jackson were assets to the United States accomplishment of sending the first man to the moon. Beyond this, they opened the door to opportunity for young women with the same drive interested in engineering and any other career, emphasizing the importance of ambition and humbleness together.” – Jennifer ‘18
“I really enjoyed the movie. Before coming into the movie, I was told to really pay attention to what the movie was portraying, what the movie was saying, and the hidden meanings. Paying attention to these things really enhanced the quality of the movie. There were a lot of interesting topics to think about and learn from. Thank you for taking us to see this movie!”
– Dane ‘18
"I thought this was a great movie and even though I haven’t had the opportunity to read the book the intro of the book was able to captivate and catch my attention. At first, I had a different idea of what this movie would be like and the context it would include but this was absolutely one of the best movies I have watch. This wasn't only an entertaining movie but it was able to help me grow as a person as I am able to see what women are capable of and how anyone is able to make a difference. I would totally watch this movie again.”
– Anayeli ‘19
“I really enjoyed the movie. I think that this movie was basically the definition of an emotional rollercoaster because throughout the movie the characters experienced so many emotions. My favorite part in the movie was when Katherine was getting proposed and she was saying yes even before the man had asked her. I thought this was also one of the funniest parts in the movie. My second favorite part of the movie was when Katherine told her friends that they already had pie. I thought that it was really sad seeing how all of these characters experienced segregation because it was something that they commonly experienced in those times.”
– Kassandra ‘20


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