Dear Schuler High School Class of 2017...

Today, we celebrate you and the hard work you have put in over the last four years of high school to get to this point - committing to the college of your choice - where you will begin your academic journey. We couldn't be more proud! We look forward to seeing you on campus and are excited to hear of the many accomplishments you have yet to achieve and the amazing experiences that await you.

With that in mind, here are a few words of wisdom:

"You are not coming to the end, you are simply coming to the beginning of your life and this decision is once in a lifetime. Whatever decision you choose will have been made for a reason so believe in that reason and trust it. You will be great! --Kala Juett, Duke University ‘20, CRSM ‘16

“To the Class of 2017: I wish you all the best of luck! Remember to focus on what's important and turn all of your CAN'Ts into CANs!!” --Tia Martins, Kalamazoo College ‘20, Collins Academy ‘16

“It is a good idea to hang out with and become friends with people who work as hard or harder than you do. Being around those types of people helps motivate you to keep working hard and progressing even when times get tough.” --Delroy Mangal, Carleton College ‘19, WTHS ‘15

“Don’t be afraid to be an undeclared major. Also, bring snacks!” --Cristina Martin, Macalester College ‘20, RLHS ‘16

“You incoming freshmen have to understand that the process is always better than the product. We have to have that ‘lion’ attitude because, even though we cannot see the future, we keep chasing it because eventually that gazelle is going to get tired and stop and that dream is going to start becoming a reality. Always be in ‘lion’ mode and keep grinding because you passed stage one. College is stage two. Good luck and congratulations on picking your schools!”--Levelle Arnold
Muhlenberg College ‘20, Collins Academy ‘16

“Congrats to the class of 2017! A word of wisdom I can offer is that college is about exploring yourself and trying out new things, all while exploring what you are capable of. One thing to know though is that you can sometimes overwhelm yourself or lose yourself in all that you're doing. Never forget where you come from and what brought you to where you are today, and you will never fail at anything you hope to accomplish. Congrats again!” --Juan Mejias, Muhlenberg College ‘20, NCCHS ‘16

“It's Decision Day!! From the Romance Languages Graduate Program at UNC Chapel Hill (Home of the Tar Heels) I wish you all the best. It is a huge step you are taking and it will be an amazing experience. Don't forget to be the best you can be, take advantage of every opportunity you are given, and enjoy every second of it!” --Juliana Zabala, Grad School UNC Chapel Hill, Lawrence ’16, WTHS ‘12

“They weren't kidding when they said your first year of college flies by. The lingering question will pop up during your first year of college, "what if I can't do it?" there will be days when you feel like you can't do it, but you can. Surround yourself with good people and the good times will hide the bad times. Never forget to live in the moment!” --Deissy Flores, Clark University ‘20, RLHS ‘16

“Never give up! Remember who you are and keep your head up. Always personal best even in the toughest times.” --Gerardo Nunez, Gettysburg ‘20, RLHS ‘16

“Schuler 2017! Congratulations and job well done. As you all make your upcoming decisions, take time to reflect on how far you've come. Think about your freshman year, your sophomore year, studying for your ACT and AP tests and writing and rewriting those college essays. The work all of you have put in got you to this point. It's ok to take a breath and really soak it in. BUT know that your (academic) journey is just beginning. The Schuler Scholar Program helped open a door that will only reveal more and more opportunities and growth. College is a time to not be afraid to step outside your comfort zone. The beauty for most of us going outside the state is being forced to meet new people...but also don't be afraid to try new things, experience new cultures, and expand your outlook on the world around you. Fall, get back up stronger, and continue to impact your world around you.” --David McClelland, MIT ‘15, WHS ‘11

“Sip on some knowledge as you visit your favorite coffee shop to study for finals week!” --Ariana Salguero, Vassar ‘20, RLHS ‘16

"Enjoy both the fun and stressful moments of college because they shape your memories" --Evelyn Torres, Lycoming College ‘20, RLHS ‘16

“My most important quality I looked for in a college was that it felt like a potential home. It could have all your favorite classes or majors, a nice location, or a cool dining hall, but once the excitement of that fades it comes down to whether you feel comfortable, accepted, and at home.” --Lynneise Jones, Dartmouth ‘15, WHS ‘11

"Beyond thankful that Schuler introduced me to all women's colleges. Attending Smith College was a marvelous experience! I'm currently in Brazil as a Fulbright ETA, where I'm teaching English to university students. Wishing you all the best of luck on #decisionday, go class of '17 !" --Citlally Delgado, Smith College ‘16, WHS ‘12

“You will succeed anywhere you go if you set your mind to. Never be afraid to ask for help and to use the resources available.” --Jessica Ilc, Macalester College ‘19, MEHS ‘15

“Pursue extracurriculars, especially when it pertains to your field of study. Attending meetings and events deepens your relationship with faculty, other students, and learn something in the process. From there, aim for an officer position; it will teach you a great deal about your school and your capabilities.” --Kerr Braza, Colgate ‘20, WTHS ‘16

“Explore what you like!” --Omar Quintana, Babson ‘20, HPHS ‘16

 “Having a few good friends on campus is much more valuable than knowing a million people but not being close to any of them. I like to focus on depth of relationships instead of quantity” --Daniel Parra, Stanford ‘19, MEHS ‘15

"Hello!!! My words of wisdom to you all: #1. MAJOR? -- Haa~ Umm… hey, DON'T FREAK OUT!! (if you don't know yours yet). To tell you the truth, I'm still trying to figure that out myself… So you and me? We are on the same boat. But you just got to trust me on this: you STILL have time, plus you do have the option to change your mind you know, a lot of people do, after taking some classes in their intended major/ minor. So, just remember that you are NOT ALONE on this. That dreaded question: "So… What's your major?", is asked to everyone. And it’s totally okay if you don't have a concrete answer yet. #2. PACKING? -- Dorms are for the most part PRETTY SMALL, so CHOOSE WISELY. Pack for where you are going but ONLY BRING what you know you USE the MOST OFTEN. You know that dress, jacket, shoes etc. that you only use once per year? Yeah… YOU DON'T need that. Seriously, it can stay at home. So to repeat, LESS really means BETTER, you'll thank me once laundry time comes around. #3. CHECK FIRST! -- For everything else, CHECK what your dorm has already FIRST, mostly concerning appliances, because many of the colleges you are going to are pretty generous in that department. #4. ASK FOR HELP!! -- This is really personal to me, but I'm sure it will come in handy for you. The first hurdle might be just personally seeking this out, but it can be in many forms. For example asking a friend, an RLA, seeing a professor during office hours or shooting an e-mail to get in contact with a specific tutor. Everyone is actually really nice!!” --Nidiyare Garcia, Lawrence ‘20, WTHS’16

“No matter where you're headed... Look forward to what’s ahead, learning from what’s behind.” --Daniel Choi, Brandeis ‘18, MEHS ‘14

“For some of you, decision day will be easy. For others it will be agonizing. Regardless of where you fall on this spectrum, I encourage you to follow your gut. You'll end up at a phenomenal campus no matter what. What your school can do for you matters, but not nearly as much as what you're bringing to your institution. So pick a place that will push you to grow, while encouraging you to succeed. Pick a place where you feel accepted and that continues to create an environment where your voice is heard. Pick a place that upholds the values you do, and has the resources for you to create a community that upholds those values. Pick a place that you'd be proud to call home for four years and a lifetime. Good luck! This is just the beginning ✨” --Arianne Payne, Elon ‘20, MEHS ‘16

"You are not going to find your undergraduate experience as rewarding if you lay on the whip and bite your tongue to pursue ideals and goals that were imposed on you. Make sure you are in touch with your sources of inspiration and motivation as early as possible. Further, be sure to set aside time to regularly revisit and negotiate your relationship with your sources as you grow." --Tyrone Scafe, Williams ‘17, WHS ‘13

“Don't worry about having a straight and linear path to success. Not everyone needs to follow the same route and it's OK! You'll get there!” --Will Yee, Skidmore ‘16, WTHS ‘12

Finding time for yourself is important when you go to an academically rigorous college. We all have different ways to self-care and self-love! --Maricarla Campoverde-Herrera, Swarthmore ‘18, RLHS ‘14

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