Camp Reflection

By Rafael Rodriguez, Warren Township High School’19 

Camp is a defining experience for Schuler Scholars. It is the start of strong friendships that will define an exciting high school journey. It is also the introduction to Schuler, to the staff and programs alike. How better to understand what it means to be at Camp Manito-wish than from the reflections of a Scholar (well, besides going of course!) Here are the thoughts and recollections of rising Junior Scholar Rafael Rodriguez upon his time at Camp Manito-wish:

“It was going to be amazing. I would go, have fun for 10 days, then completely forget about these intelligent strangers. My emotions before going to camp were purely of excitement. What would I wear? Who would I meet? Could I find Big Foot in the woods? I was still nervous on meeting Scholars, but I put these thoughts aside as I stepped aboard the bus taking us to Camp Manito-wish.

Laughs, shouts, and occasionally “watch me whips” were thrown around. I was so excited! I sat at the back of the bus with a few friends from Woodland; talking about our graduation and our former teachers. I was a little standoffish to meet new people. What was Viking? What was River Trail? Finally, we got to Camp Manito-wish, a secluded area with campers and counselors laughing and walking around the pretty lake.

My experiences at camp were incredible and once in a lifetime events. You have not lived until you tasted food from Nash Dining Hall, especially the dessert ; or until you watch Zach Relova dancing to funny, original camp songs. My most memorable moment is waking up at 6 in the morning to go see the sunrise over the lake. Whether you enjoyed camp or not, it truly shapes your life in high school. It is a conversation shared amongst Scholars, recalling happy moments of laughter and trail spice. On your first day of high school, you see fellow Scholars and suddenly feel that you are not in this alone.

Overall, camp was one of the most memorable events in my life.”


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