Our Favorite Memories

By: Warren Township High School Scholar Coaches

As Scholar Coaches wrap up their second year with Schuler and prepare for whatever lies ahead, we’re all feeling pretty nostalgic. Here are some of our most memorable moments from the past two years:

 “Improv is so quintessentially Chicago, and taking Scholars to a show felt so quintessentially Schuler. They volunteered to be on stage, shouted out witty suggestions, and embraced all the experience had to offer. I enjoyed laughing both with and at them.” – Connor Jackson

“When setting up the rooms last summer and putting everyone’s names up on the bulletin boards, I realized that I could name a specific memory with each of you. I hadn’t fully comprehended all the relationships we started to develop, and continued to develop, this past year until I saw your names and was able to land myself into a moment. “ – Cheryl Wollner

“For our first exposure ever, Anna, Carolina, and I took a group of Scholars to tour the Auditorium Theatre in Chicago. We overplanned, arrived WAY too early for the tour and had about an hour to kill before it started. This turned into Scholars giving us our own personal tour of Millenium Park. I remember being led up to the Bean by Scholars and seeing it for the first time. What has really stuck with me was the nervous thrill of leading our first trip with Scholars and getting to spend some unstructured time together.” – Kerry Kennedy

“I’ll never forget Spring Break college trip I went on this year. By the third day, everyone was exhausted from the unlimited food and hours of campus tours. On our way back to the bus at Lehigh, the sun was setting over its Admissions building and everyone became giddy. I don’t know why we were all laughing so much; I just remember jumping around and taking goofy pictures with Scholars from a bunch of different Schuler schools. It was a bonding moment.”
–Carolina Cormack-Orellana

“For me, it’s been unforgettable to be able to drive to a job that I love in the mornings. I feel very fortunate for that.” –Anna Zahm.


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