I want you to know

Before the school year ended, Schuler at Waukegan High School held a Meet-and-Greet for the entire high school staff. Here's what Scholars wanted their teachers to know about the Schuler Scholar Program:

I would like for others to know that the Schuler Scholar Program is an academic community that focuses on consistent personal best and shared morale. I want for people to know that Schuler is an experience: enriching and challenging work that will bring out the best in any Scholar taking advantage of the opportunity given. The Schuler Scholar Program is a beacon of resources, support, and camaraderie that highlights the significant, inherent, and developing characteristics of a unique individual and uses that to advance the progress one makes on their personal track to success. 
– Matthew Tantengco ‘18

I want everyone to know that there are so many resources available to you. Whenever you are in need of assistance, staff is always there for you. This ranges from simple materials to moral support. Even fellow scholars are great go-to people. Never be afraid to ask for help!!!
– Erika Sostre :) ‘19

I would like others to know that the Schuler Scholar Program doesn't just focus on helping you get to college but it also helps you become a better student and helps make you aware of things going on around you. 
– Eduardo Flores ‘20

Waukegan High School Scholars at their annual picnic.

I want people to know that Schuler offers a lot of opportunities that the students might not have without the program. Schuler pushes all the students in the program to be the very best that they can to be someone in their life. 
– Gabriel Murray ‘20

I would like the other Schuler Scholars to know that we are a family that helps each other to succeed in life and help your dreams happen as long as you work hard to do so. 
– Amariah Vivians ‘20

I want others to know that the Schuler Scholar Program gives you resources to use to strive for success! 
– Daniel Flores ‘20

I want others to know that the Schuler Scholar Program is about its students feedback about the exposures and the students experiences with Schuler. 
– Aliza Ayala ‘20

I want people to know that Schuler gives a lot of amazing opportunities, ones that I could never dream of gaining on my own. Additionally, Schuler gives me emotional and academic support that I greatly appreciate. Overall, Schuler is not an experience but a lifetime journey. 
– Isabelle Flores ‘20

I would want others to know that the Schuler Scholar Program is a good community where we learn and grow together as people and educationally. 
 Noemi Padilla ‘20

Scholars pose after a fun 10 days at Camp Manito-wish.
People should know that even though there is a lot of work you need to put in, it pays off. You get to experience so many opportunities and it can really expose you to a lot. 
– Itzahiana Luna ‘20

They keep you on track in school and are there when you need guidance, support, or help. 
– Leylani Vasquez ‘20

Everyone is free to be themselves… so don’t think it’s a shadow realm. #Barz 
– Bryant Campos ‘19

Everyone at Schuler always has positive attitudes. They motivate you to always do your best and to strive to do better. (: 
 Alyssa Tantengco ‘19

Everyone around you will support you and you won’t feel left out. 
– Elisa Marban ‘20

I want others to know that Schuler is like a big family that will support you! 
– Kathy Colin ‘20


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